Smart agriculture accessible to all

Easy and cost-calvings management


With Neck IT, simply manage your herd at a distance and save money. Especially developed for breeders, the surveillance of calvings is finally controlled. 

Simple and efficient

Using different sensors, it measures the data from the animal continuously. When mathematical algorithms detect an impending calving, the Neck IT calving emits an alert that is received by the gateway and then sent to the breeder on his mobile phone via SMS.  Simple, efficient, profitable and economical.

What is Bicipo?

Bicipo designs and develops monitoring solutions for smart agriculture.
Bicipo brings together a set of technologies and solutions to significantly improve the profitability of the farm,
From the stable, from the rearing from a general point of view.

Bicipo News

Bicipo-106 Rue Saint-Jean 14000 CAEN/Tel: 09 87 01 63 95
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