The company

The company Bicipo

Making life easier for farmers

Frédéric Ratnakar is a passionate. He was an agricultural operator, and a doctor in physics, and was able to combine his two passions with gusto.

Faced with the poor profitability of its exploitation due to its repeated absences, this man of trade imagined a system of remote and automatic monitoring, to facilitate the life of the farmers. This is the beginning of the Bicipo adventure.

Multi-sensor solutions at the lowest price

Established in Normandy at the heart of farmed land, Bicipo designs and develops monitoring solutions for smart agriculture.
 Bicipo brings together a set of technologies and solutions to significantly improve the profitability of the operation and control, at a distance, automatically and at lower cost, the important events related to reproduction and their health The stable, from the rearing from a general point of view.

Multi-sensor solutions at the lowest price of monitoring while keeping the quality.

The goal of Bicipo: To install a kind of electronic guardian angel over the animals

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