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Privacy and applicable data protection policy


Concerned about the respect of your private life and the protection of the information that you provide , BIOPIC respects the legislation in force in the field of the protection of the private life and the personal data. The collection and processing of your personal data is done in compliance with the law called “Informatique et Libertés” of 6 January 1978 as amended.


We have set up this Charter so that you can communicate your personal information with confidence and confidentiality when you use our services to obtain relevant information on the monitoring of your herd (possibly information related to your animals, your phone numbers, your email…) and better understand how and within what limits your information is treated and protected.


We reserve the right to modify this charter according to the evolution of our services and the legislation in force. Any modification of this Charter will be updated on our Sites. The last update is from November 16th, 2018.


The data is collected and processed by:

BIOPIC, under the Neckit brand.




We are required to ask you for personal information, some are mandatory because they are essential to the processing of your requests, others are optional. This information is collected in order to increment our database used by our algorithms and provide you with alerts about breeding events and the health of your animals, to provide you with relevant information on the display screens of computer media that the company puts at your disposal.


We collect the data that you communicate including:

  • when you visit one of our sites,
  • when you complete one of our forms,
  • when you increment the fields of the mobile application or the web

interface made available to you,

  • when making a connection request,
  • when you subscribe to a newsletter.


During a request made on one of our sites, we ask you in particular your first and last name, your telephone number, your e-mail address, your postal address but also data related to your zootechnical management as well as information about your animals. This allows us to provide you with an optimal service within the framework of your reproduction management activity and to send you your identifiers if necessary to retrieve your information and visualize the evolution of the events of your herd.


We also collect your IP address when you visit our site. This collection is intended to help us better locate the origin of the traffic that is made on our site.


We can also collect information automatically through the use of Cookies that track your site navigation and customize the site for you. We may use both session cookies and persistent cookies. A persistent cookie does not disappear after your browser closes and can be used when you visit the site later. A session cookie is a temporary cookie that disappears as soon as you close your browser or log out of your account. You can set your browser to notify you before you receive a cookie, giving you the option to accept or reject it. You can also set your browser to refuse cookies. In this case, some features and parts of the site may not work normally. For more information on the different types of cookies or how to set them up, you can go to the address




BIOPICis the publisher of content and services available on the Internet, in particular for the NECKIT brand, hereinafter the “Services”.

In this context, BIOPIC collects and processes, as data controller, personal data relating to the users of the Services and to Internet users browsing the BIOPICwebsites. This data may subsequently be made available to BIOPICpartner companies (hereinafter the “Partners”). Partners may also access certain personal data through websites and feeds from BIOPIC.

The purpose of this charter (hereinafter the “Charter”) is to set out the commitments made by BIOPIC concerning the protection of personal data and its own legal or regulatory obligations, particularly in its capacity as controller of personal data, and to clarify the nature of the exchange of personal data between BIOPICand the Partners.

The Charter defines in a non-limiting way the commitments that BIOPICand its Partners subscribe in the context of the collection, processing, provision and sharing of personal data collected in connection with the subscription and the implementation of services and navigation on BIOPIC‘s sites. These commitments can be supplemented and specified in the specific agreements that will be made for each specific partnership.


BIOPICPartners undertake to comply with these provisions in so far as the missions they perform in the context of their commercial relationship with BIOPICare directly subject to them.




BIOPICundertakes to comply with the provisions of Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 as amended (the “Data Protection Act”) on the occasion of any collection, processing, provision and sharing of personal data in any form and by any means whatsoever.




BIOPICundertakes that any collection of personal data and any processing of such data shall be conducted in a fair, transparent, lawful and documented manner.


BIOPICensures in particular for each processing that personal data have been collected for a specific purpose, explicit and legitimate, that the data subjects have been informed in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act, and that their consent has been sought and obtained for each purpose given that it is required by law. This consent must be free, specific and informed.


In particular, in the case where contact details of natural persons are collected, they can not be used or transferred for direct marketing purposes by means of an automated calling machine, a fax machine or electronic means of communication (mail electronic, SMS or MMS) without the prior consent of these persons. Exceptionally, in the case where these coordinates were collected as part of a service provision, in particular a request for quotation and that they are used for the sending of surveys intended to promote similar products or services, the coordinates may be used without the prior consent of the persons concerned. The persons concerned must nevertheless be informed of the possibility that they have to oppose the sending of any direct prospection free of charge.

In addition, BIOPICensures that the personal data collected is relevant and proportionate to the purpose of the processing.



The persons whose personal data are collected and processed are informed via an information bubble or a hypertext link redirecting towards the present Charter or the Conditions of Use of the Site or Service, at the moment of the collection or, in the case of technical impossibility (case of indirect collection for example) when first using their personal data:

– the purpose of the processing for which the data are intended:

– the mandatory or optional nature of the answers requested and the possible consequences for them of a lack of response, the types of recipients or categories of recipients of the data

– that they have rights of access, rectification, deletion and opposition with regard to the processing of personal data and how they can exercise these rights via an email address dedicated:


– where appropriate, transfers of personal data to a non-Member State of the European Community.


In any case, any direct marketing e-mail message must necessarily contain the identity of the sender and clearly reflect the commercial nature of the message as soon as it is received or, in the case of technical impossibility, in the body of the message.

Exceptionally, in the context of the collection of personal data and / or navigation data by BIOPICand / or its Partners thanks to the automatic data collection tools (cookies, tags, tags, etc.) installed on the Services online, the persons concerned will be informed of the collection by means of a hypertext link referring to this Charter or to the Conditions of Use of the Site or Service, or to the Cookies Policy, which will also indicate to them the way they can oppose this collection by uninstalling the collection tools.




BIOPICundertakes to provide a limited and proportionate retention period for the personal data collected and processed.

BIOPIC undertakes to comply with the recommended practices in terms of duration by the simplified Standard n° 48 adopted by the CNIL by deliberation n° 2012-209 of June 21, 2012.




BIOPIC, when acting as a controller, puts in place procedures that enable data subjects to exercise the rights available to them under Article 38 et seq. Of the Data-processing and Freedoms Act (right of access, right of rectification, deletion and opposition).

In particular, the persons concerned are able to object in a simple and unambiguous manner, to the use or the transfer of data collected for prospecting purposes by post or telephone with human intervention, prospecting by an electronic mode of communication for a similar product or service and the transfer to the Partners of data relating to their identity (excluding processing data allowing their identification for that treatment) as well as to their family situation, economic and financial when the recipients of the data do not address the interested parties for the purposes for which they have communicated their information.

The persons concerned are also able to oppose, after data collection, that the data collected is used for commercial prospecting purposes, by the current data controller or the data processing agent to whom the data would have been communicated.


BIOPICundertakes to take into account or to have their users take into account, within a period of one month, or, failing this, before the reuse of the data, the requests for cancellation or non-provision to third parties that have been made to them. transmitted.

In particular, in the case of surveys carried out by BIOPICor its Partners through electronic means of communication (electronic mail, SMS or MMS), the messages addressed to the persons concerned must all contain, for the emails, a link allowing the unsubscription in a simple, fast and easily accessible way and, for SMS, the possibility of sending back a STOP message. This faculty should be taken into account as soon as possible.




BIOPICundertakes to complete all provisions for the appointment of a Computer and Freedom correspondent. Any questions relating to the processing of personal data may be addressed to:




BIOPICundertakes to implement all necessary means to ensure the security, confidentiality and integrity of the personal data collected and to take all appropriate technical and organizational measures to limit the risk of loss, deformation, deterioration or misuse thereof, as well as the risks of access to data by unauthorized third parties.

In particular, access to data processing must require authentication of the persons accessing the data, for example by means of, for example, an access code or an individual password, sufficiently robust and regularly renewed, or by any other reliable means of data access. ‘authentication.

Data communications between BIOPICand its Partners, or between the Partners and any third parties to which the collected personal data are subsequently communicated, are operated through secure methods.


These methods must ensure the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of the information transmitted.

When transmitting data via unsecured channels, certain precautions must be taken to make this data incomprehensible to any unauthorized person.




In cases where BIOPICor its Partners would use subcontractors to process personal data on their behalf, they must ensure that such subcontractors provide sufficient safeguards to ensure the implementation of the data protection measures. security and confidentiality mentioned in Article 7 above. This requirement, however, will not relieve them of their personal obligation to ensure compliance with these measures.


The contract between the subcontractor and the controller shall include an indication of the obligations of the subcontractor with regard to the protection of the security and confidentiality of the data, provide that the subcontractor may only act on the instructions of the subcontractor responsible for the processing, give rise to a commitment of confidentiality then to a report of destruction of the data at the end of the operations.




In the event that the collected personal data are communicated to Partners, to subsequent recipients or to subcontractors located in countries outside the European Union and which do not provide an adequate level of protection, the transfer shall not be will be possible if:


(1) It was preceded by either:

The signature between the exporter and the data importer of a contract incorporating the Standard Contractual Clauses defined by the European Commission Decision 2004/915 / EC or any other Decision that would replace it in the future;

The US data importer’s adherence to Safe Harbor principles; or

The introduction of Binding Corporate Rules (BCR) binding the exporter and the importer of data when they are part of the same group of companies.


(2)It has been the subject of the preliminary formalities required from the competent supervisory authority. In France, prior authorization from the CNIL (with the exception of transfers intended for US processors who have adhered to the Safe Harbor principles for which a declaration is sufficient).

In addition, in the event that the transfer has not been the subject of information of the persons concerned as soon as the data is collected, BIOPICundertakes to ‘inform the persons prior to any transfer.




BIOPICis prohibited from carrying out any collection or processing of personal data that may appear, directly or indirectly:

Racial or ethnic origins;

Political, philosophical or religious opinions;

Trade union membership;

Health status ;

Sexual orientation;

Offenses, convictions and security measures,

In the event that the object of the commercial relationship would require the collection of the aforementioned elements the parties irrevocably undertake to comply with the procedures of the Data Protection Act.




BIOPICundertakes not to collect personal data on minors without inviting them to ask permission from their parents or legal representatives. For that, a specific mention will appear on the documents of collection of the sites whose targets are minors. This mention will stipulate that the legal representative consents to the collection of information on the minor in his charge.

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